What is “Yukata”?

“Yukata” is well known as Japanese traditional summer costume.
Do you know which class is “Yukata” to compare to clothes? 

“Yukata” literally means  “Bath robe”

“Yukata” comes from “Yukatabira” which was a inner wear of hemp at the beginning.
“Yu” literally means Hot water or “Bath”,  “Katabira” means a kind of  “Robe”.

In the 9th century.

In the 9th century, the upper class people went into “Sauna” wearing  “Yukatabira” to hide their body form other people. 

In the 17th century (Edo era), public bath becomes very popular among ordinary people.

In the Edo era, as the cotton price came down, the ordinary people wear “Yukata” of cotton like today.

They wear “yukata” after getting out of a bath to take their sweat (just like a bath robe). Then they go back to their house and sleep in Yukata (just like a T-shirt and short pants!).  

* Even Today, this custom still remains at Japanese style hotels. You will see that they provide “Yukata” for their guests to weat it after taking bath and when they sleep.

Just like T-shirt and Jeans to going out.

Thus “Yukata” had both purposes “bath robe” and “sleepwear”, and also a “very comfortable casual style” (just like T-shirt and Jeans) with Obi sash for going out .

Today, “Yukata ” is just like a “High grade T-shirt”.

Recently, “Yukata” designed high grade, but it is still “Yukata”.

Please imagine that you have a very expensive T-shirt of luxury brand. You won’t wear it when you visit a luxury restaurant with dress code, as it is just a T-shirt.

Let’s enjoy “Yukata” style, keeping this in mind.