B.Y.O. Kimono Dressing up service

We provide services to dress your own Kimono up.

 Procedure for BYO Kimono 

  1. Please drop your Kimono off to our shop prior to the booking day
    Pre-consultation is very important with your own Kimono.
    *Pre-Consultation is free. 
  2. Arriving at our shop and after confirm the payment, Dressing up Kimono
  3. We can call “Takuhai” delivery services for you to send your clothes and the personal stuff to your home.
    The courier fee must be paid by the customer.

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*All prices : per person /excl Tax


Yukata :most casual Summer Kimono(Skinny Obi) 3,800Yen
Casual Kimono(Skinny Obi) 4,800Yen
Casual/ Semi-formal Kimono
(Wide Obi w/o “Dateeri”)
Formal Kimono_1 “Houmongi/Iromuji/Tsukesage”
(Wide Obi)
Formal Kimono _2
(Wide Obi)
“Furisode” (Wide Obi) 9,800Yen
“Hakama” Style 6,800Yen~9,800Yen
Decorative collars : 1,000 Yen


Casual Kimono 4,800Yen
“Hakama” Style 6,800Yen
Black formal 7,800Yen


7 years girl’s celebration
5 years boy’s celebration,
Girl’s “Hakama”
3 years girl’s celebration 4,800Yen

*We provide optional services for B.Y.O. Kimono customers.
Hair setting service (Please bring your own hair accessories) : 1,500 Yen

What you need to wear Kimono.

Kimono, Juban(Inner Kimono), 
Underwear for Kimono, Inner belt (wide) x2, Inner code (slim) x3, 
Obi-plate, Obi-makura(cushion),
Wide Obi (sash), Obi-age (to cover cushion) , Obi-jime(ribbon)
Tabi(Japanese socks), Zori(Japanese sandals),

<Better to use>
Collar plate, Towel

*You’ll be able to purchase some of these items if we have stock.

Hair setting service

We provide Hair setting service with hair accessory to our Kimono rental customers for free.

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After dressing up services: 1,500 yen (returning by 18:30)

You’ll be able to
– leave your close, shoes, and other unnecessary things while you are going out in Kimono.
– take off your Kimono and put your clothes.