500 yen discount for our Elegant Kimono/ Yukata Experience Harajuku!

Our Kimono/ Yukata rental services has been well trusted even by Japanese customers, as it is elegant and sophisticated fashion. (It is not an overdoing costume.)

Meiji Jingu(a shrine), Art Galleries with classical Japanese gardens, Japanese Style Cafes, Antique shops and a lot to visit around “Sasaka”.
Sasaka’s kimono style will be just well fitted to enjoy a stroll along these areas and the zelkova tree-lined street.

The prices

3 hours experience : 3,800 yen
3 hours before 18:30
Rental Items:
Casual Kimono set, 1 hair corsage, Bag, Japanese sandals, 
Dressing up, Simple Hair Setting and Snapshot with Japanese items.  
One day plan  (returning by 18:30): 4,800 yen: 
returning by 18:30
Rental Items:
Casual Kimono set and 1 hair corsage
Dressing up, Simple Hair Setting and Snapshot with Japanese items.  
* not includes Bag: 300 yen and Japanese sandals: 800 yen .

You’ll get 500 yen discount only for the One day plan.

 500 yen discount is only for the One Day Plan.

*This Campaign  is taking only the customers below.
–  would be able to give us permissions
to upload your dressed up photos on our HP, Facebook, Instagram.
– found our 500 discount PR on Facebook or Instagram.

*available until June 30. 2018

Call : 03-6721-0040

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Please enjoy Kimono/ Yukata experience with 500 discount at Sasaka!