Booking for Rental Kimono

Customer Info

■Your name【Essential】

■Mail address【Essential】

*Please let us know a number were you can be contacted the day

In JapanCountry other than Japan

Address in Japan

Address in your country
Zip Code 
Address in Japan (Hotels/Accommodation) 
Period of staying in Japan



Rental Detail

■Requesting date for the rentals ( can be set three months prior)【Essential】 
*We may open temporary by your request. Please ask us.

■Time of arrival to the shop【Essential】 
*Please come to our shop till 18:30 on Mon, Thu, a n d Sun.

■Time of departure【Essential】 
*It takes around one hour for dressing up a n d hair including selecting your Kimono.

■Reantal Plans【Essential】
3 Hours Kimono Experience PlanOne Day Plan (Returning by 18:30 on the same day)Night out Plan Thu-Sun (Returning by 16:00 next day)Over night Plan Thu-Sun (Returning by 18:00 next day)

■The members of your group
Woman  Man 
Girl  Boy 

■The each of your height

Yukata (Most Casual Style in Summer)
Komon (Casual Kimono)
Houmongi (Formal Kimono)
Furisode (Full dress for Misses)
Shichi-go-san (for 7 year girl)
Shichi-go-san (for 5 year Boy)
Shichi-go-san (for 3 year girl)
*"3 Hours Kimono Experience Plan" is only for the "Casual Kimono".

■Hairset Service【Essential】
Casual hairset:FreeFormal hairset:4,000 yenJapanese traditional hairset:5,000 yenNo

■Make up Service【Essential】
Yes:5,000 yenNo

■Other comments