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Kimono Rental SASAKA

Please enjoy Kimono (or Yukata) Rental / Experience Harajuku at Sasaka.
We are here for you to have fun and excitement of experiencing Japanese culture by dressing up traditional Kimono.

Meiji Jingu (the biggest shrine in Tokyo), Art Galleries with classical Japanese gardens, Japanese Style Cafes, Antique shops and a lot to visit around Omotesando, Harajuku, and Aoyama.

Sasaka’s kimono is just well fitted to enjoy a stroll along these areas and the zelkova tree-lined street, as it is sophisticated fashion. (It is not an overdoing costume.)

Sasaka will create your time to feel more traditional Japanese ways!
We will also give you easy tips and manners when you are in Kimono fashion.
Please take it easy and ask any questions.


3 Hours Kimono Experience Plan


Enjoy 3 Hours of Kimono Experience Harajuku.

2,900yen (excl Tax/ 1 person) includes everything for walking around in Kimono and a Snapshot with Traditional Japanese items.

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Hair setting service

We provide Hair setting service with hair accessory to our Kimono rental customers for free.

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Inside of our shop


You will be dressed up in our spacious comfortable space.You’ll see more photos in page “ACCESS”.

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B.Y.O. Kimono 

We provide services to dress your own Kimono up.
Pre-consultation is very important with your own Kimono.

It is ideal for you to drop your Kimono off to our shop prior to the booking day. It takes some details to make sure that you have all of your parts to dress up Kimono. You can hire or purchase for those parts if necessary.
It often takes time to decide the shape how you would like to have Obi (Sash) is tied and decorate.

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Spectacular Frisode (Long sleeve Kimono) 

We have both classical and Modern design of Furisode. At the Coming of age ceremony, Wedding party, Christmas and New years party, the spectacular Frisode makes you up gorgeously.


*You can visit us and choose Furisode before the booking date.

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Where to go in Kimono ~Shibuya, Harajuku, Aoyama/Gaien-mae ~
Traditional Japanese Photo Spots

Toyosaka Inari Shrine has many beautiful TORII looks like “Senbon-Torii”

In and around Omotesando, we have both Traditional Japanese and the newest trend of Culture/ Art/ Sports. These are our recommended  areas of Traditional Japanese Photo Spot, especially Kimono style must perfectly much.

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Jinrikisha tours

How would you like to enjoy  riding in a JINRIKISHA?  We have two plans, “the Day tour around the lined gingko biloba trees” and “the Night tour from Omotesando to Shibuya”
* Weight limit : about 130kg.
* Will be suspended when it rains, snows, or due to road surface freezing.

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